Please contact the Parish Office for further details of the groups shown on this page

The Christian life cannot be lived in isolation as we all need encouragement if we are to keep following Jesus, so we have a responsibility to encourage each other. We need help to understand the Bible and apply its teaching to our lives and we need people to support us and pray for us.

We hope very much that our Sunday services will provide this kind of encouragement but recognise that this alone may not be sufficient. We would recommend that members join a home group to study the Bible and pray together and to share fellowship and pastoral care. These groups meet fortnightly either in the evening or daytime. Contact:  Robert Vanderwindt for more information.

Other regular weekday groups providing opportunities for meeting together are:-

Coffee Stop: every Tuesday in the Parish centre from 10am - 12noon for coffee, cakes and chat. All are welcome to drop in.

Mothers’ Union:
1st Wednesday of each month in the Parish Centre at 2pm.

Adult Craft Group  Alternate Tuesday mid-day & Thursday evenings (8:00pm), in the Parish centre. Contact Helen Winton.

Choir - Contact Alan or Pam Hunt for details of choir reharsals.

First Friday Fish Club (FFFC) - A men’s social and fellowship group with a view to enjoying various events together throughout the year (curry nights out, walk and pub lunch, attending sports events, cinema, father and son/kids camping, perhaps getting involved in church/community projects etc.) Contact Arthur Chopourian