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Missionary Links


At St. Michael’s we are pleased to be able to support the work of the Christian Church at home and in other parts of the world. We have a link with the diocese of Kondoa, Tanzania, where we have helped them to build the new church of St. James the Apostle in the village of Chemba.

We are called by Jesus to go into Wilmington and make disciples. To reach out is to be in the community and to do God’s work. As part of this we also seek to strengthen our relationships with the many organisations in the village.

From our weekly giving we also support a large number of charities.  Representatives from these charities come to our services to tell us about their work.


Each year we support the work of Christian Aid by holding fund raising events and carrying out a door to door collection of houses in Wilmington. This year, 2017, we raised £1,270 which will be used to support refugees. For more information about the work of Christian Aid and how the money will be used please see



For the last 20 years we have held a Model Railway Exhibition, raising money for various charities. In 2016  the exhibition was again a tremendous success raising £9,400 shared between Demelza House, The Railway Children, Cherished Memories and St Michaels Youthworker.  

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Support to Servicemen

St. Michaels aims to provide support to local servicemen and their families.

Most of us are used to seeing newsreel of our army in such places as Iraq, Afghanistan and, before then, in Northern Ireland. But few of us have the remotest concept of what it must be like to be engaged in modern day combat. Gone are the days when battles were fought during daylight hours. Nowadays warfare is a twenty four hour business.  The threat of action is ever present with mortar and roadside bomb attacks and ambush a constant possibility. For their families every day is a source of worry as loved ones wonder if the soldiers will return safe and unharmed.

Moreover, soldiers returning to Britain after an overseas tour also often need help. The psychological problems they face through their experiences are immense and adjustment to life at home can be difficult and painful.

Little wonder, therefore, that soldiers on active service or coming home, together with their families, need our prayers and support.  As Christians it is our duty to provide all the love, help and support we can and that is why we are launching this initiative.

We would like to hear from anyone in the parish who is either a soldier or who has a member of their family serving in the army overseas. We will pray for their safe deliverance and also for their family. We will write to the serviceman explaining what we are doing and at Christmas and birthdays will send them a card and a present. When they return to Britain, we will invite them and their family to a family service at St Michaels when we will include a time of thanksgiving.

If you would like us to support a serviceman or his family do get in touch with us.  You can contact us at  the Church Office (01322 288235 ) or by e mail at servicemen. Alternatively, come along to St Michaels at any one of the Sunday services and mention the matter to Rev. Richard Arding or any of his ministry team.

On 23rd October 1642 just before the Battle of Edghill, Sir Jacob Astley, a cavalry commander in the Royalist Army prayed  ‘ O Lord thou knowest how busy I must be this day: if I forget thee, do not forget me’. May we not forget our brave soldiers who risk their lives for their country every day.  May we demonstrate our remembrance by our love, our prayers and our support.


Youth Mission & Outreach – Romania

Since 2016 we have been supporting Perspective Danes based in Danes, Transylvania, Romania through the running of youth mission and outreach trips to Danes and financial giving.

Perspective Danes Logo  Mission groups of 16 & 17

Perspective is run by Liviu & Elena Tudosie, a Christian couple with 3 children and a huge heart for seeing God’s love spread into every corner of the local communities, particularly amongst the young people of the marginalised Gypsy neighbourhoods. Perspective exists to “invest in the present, change the future”, seeing the potential of children and young people and supporting them and channelling this potential in whatever way they can. Through the charity they have supported young people through high school, into and through University, helping them to afford driving lessons, and in all these things and more, open them up to a host of opportunities and possibilities for their future they would not have otherwise have.

The families from Roma Gypsy neighbourhoods are poor, deprived, and marginalised in more ways than one. They have no running water. Restricted mains electricity. No sewerage systems. Few have toilets. Most live in makeshift houses, either run down and abandoned buildings that are falling apart, or wood and tin roof shacks of one room. Usually at least 3 generations are living in one ‘house’, the older children and young people often looking after the younger and older generations, or working in the nearby landfill site, scavenging anything that can be used, or recycled, for a few coins. Few of them make it to high school (secondary school), let alone finish it, and it is miles away and has to be walked to and from everyday.

But the work and love of God through Liviu, Elena & Perspective and those who support it brings hope, new opportunities and a fresh outlook for the children and young people of these communities. Through workshops, Bible studies, community camps and residentials, they feel loved and accepted and learn the message of the Gospel alongside more practical social skills.

Mission 2017Mission 2016

Our mission trips with young people from Wilmington provide an amazing opportunity for young people and our church to support these marginalised communities. Practical help in the communities, like painting and decorating houses, running children’s community camps, youth day trips, children's programmes, providing packed lunches, or school bags, for over 40 children, sharing our food and the love of Jesus as well. It gives the Romanian youth a chance to see and meet young people from other countries, to communicate and share experiences with them, to show that others do care about them and want to help. It also gives our young people the opportunity to see and be part of God’s mission in another country, another language, to experience firsthand the reality of communities like these and ignite a passion for serving the poor and carrying out mission and outreach. It is an eye-opening and life changing experience for them and a real privilege to be able to offer them such an opportunity.

“Working with Perspective Danes has literally changed my perspective on everything! It’s an experience I wouldn’t trade for the world, and I’m so glad for the opportunities it’s given me and the things it’s taught me”. Katie

“It was amazing. I learned so much about how people have to live over there”. Cordelia

“Do go if you can. It will teach you things we all should know”. Ellen

"I found a cause that I am passionate about to use my energy to help and it inspired me to carry on volunteering in every way I can". Laura

If you would like to support future mission trips, or are interested in joining us in person, please contact the Youth & Children's Worker (see contact section of website).

If you would like to find out more about the work of Perspective Danes or directly support them through donation, please visit

or Like their Facebook page “Asociatia Perspective Danes” to see regular updates.



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