Encounter! Youth Club is for those in school years 7-11. £1 entry, which goes towards buying new games and equipment.

When is it?

It is on every Thursday from 7 - 9pm in the Church Hall. We play games, eat snacks, chill out to music, have a nice chat and a good time. 

The Format:

7-8pm: we have 'free roam' time

8pm: we have a discussion for 5 minutes where we discuss a question such as 'What are you thankful for?' or 'What makes you angry'.

8:10-8:45pm: we play a group game, or do a group activity (such as bench-ball, painting or have a quiz)

8:45-9:00pm:The last 15 minutes is also free roam.

9pm: we all say our goodbyes and are collected/walk home.