Service at Crematorium or Cemetery

            Service                                    £199                
            Expenses                                £  28   

Church Service at St Michael’s followed by Cremation or burial elsewhere

            Service                                    £199                
            Burial or cremation             £  29   
            Expenses                                £  60                          
            Verger                                     £  45
            Audio Visual operator        £  30

Use of organ (optional)      £  85   
Organist (optional)              £  70    

Church Service at St Michael’s followed by Burial in St Michael’s Churchyard

            Service                                   £199                
            Burial in churchyard          £320                
            Expenses                               £  60
            Contribution to upkeep*   £100

            Verger                                    £  45
            Audio Visual operator       £  30

Use of organ (optional)     £  85   
Organist (optional)             £  70   

Burial of Cremated Remains in Garden of Remembrance or existing grave

            Service                                   £166 
            Contribution to upkeep*   £100              
            Preparation of grave           £  23

Memorial Plaque in Garden of Remembrance

            Church Fee                            £76
            Contribution to upkeep*   £100
            Fixing of Plaque                    £15


Monument (gravestone) in Churchyard
            Church Fee                            £144    

Additional Inscription on existing monument
            Church Fee                            £29     

Re positioning of Memorial Plaque in Garden of Remembrance
             Re positioning of plaque   £15

* The "Contribution to upkeep" fee is a one off payment per committal/plaque (i.e. if committal and plaque are separate occasions, only one fee is parable). The money is kept in a restricted fund to help towards the upkeep of the Garden & graveyard.

For all other fees, please ring the Church Office 01322 288235.  Preferred method of payment is by BACS to account number 00030094, sort code 40 52 40. Cheques can be made payable to "PCC of St Michael & All Angels"

Please note that our churchyard is full except for a few ‘single’ depth graves. We can, in certain circumstances, accept re-opens.