Message from the vicar

Life is changing for all of us.  There will be no more church meetings of any kind, except online/on the phone.  We are being highly recommended to keep a safe distance (minimum 2 metres) from anyone else, outside our immediate family.

As Christians, we do well neither to be fearful, nor careless.

Not fearful – because we know we are safe with Jesus.  Pray all the more, because of our needs at this time.

Not careless – because we know His love has been shown in sacrificial self-giving, so we should seek to do the same.  We will care for each other by keeping our distance.  We will also care for each other by keeping in touch – we will be using the phone a lot more than before.  When we do, why not offer to pray with whoever you phone, especially if they are part of the Church?

We will be holding ONLINE church services – to allow us to pray together, in the safety of our own homes.  I (or another) will lead this from my home.  

Please DO NOT come to the church.  

Details of when these services are, and how to access them, are here.

If you do not have the internet, then you can telephone in to take part (it’s called a Conference Call).  

DO YOU KNOW ANYONE IN NEED? If you are part of St Michael’s and in particular in contact with someone in the “vulnerable” group (those over 60yrs), please let me know, as we are very concerned to be looking out for those most in need.

The following are cancelled until further notice: 

All regular services in the church; Bell Ringer practice; Coffee Stop; 

Tea Dance – High Hopes for Children; St Michael’s Fellowship; All services in Care Homes; Under 5s Club

Rev'd Carl Chambers

Vicarage: 01322 634506

Mobile: 07368 223743 (including WhatsApp)