Message from the vicar

Dear St Michael’s church family,

Last week, I reflected on the one ‘big’ event in life which is coming up for all of us, namely, the return of the Lord Jesus.

The gospel reading today explains clearly what will happen on that day.  The Lord Jesus as King will divide ‘all the nations’ into what he decides as sheep and goats.  The sheep are welcomed into his kingdom for ever, the goats sent to the same place of punishment as the devil, again, for eternity.  

When each group asks why, Jesus says it is because of the way they treated (or didn’t) his brothers, even the least of them.  He is speaking clearly about the way those in heaven have loved other Christians whilst on earth.  It is clear that it is not the fact they loved others, or didn’t, that has secured their respective place in eternity.  Rather, their actions are fruit of their faith.  Those in heaven have loved the Lord and shown it in their works.  Those in hell have rejected the Lord and shown that in their indifference towards his people.

You can hear more of what this means for us, but I have been thanking God this week for the love so many show in St Michael’s.  Of course, I can’t possibly know of every phone call, every visit, every cheque or envelope kept aside or sent as a gift, every touching act of concern.  But each time I hear of it – or am the recipient – I give thanks to God for the fruit of the gospel in people’s lives.  And pray God enables us to continue to do so, all the more.

We should never think that our good works earn us a place in heaven.  That is wholly due to God’s grace.  

But if we love the Lord Jesus, we should know that this will bear fruit in our lives – in every way we can, such as we are able, and especially towards those most in need.

As we begin to consider whether some kind of church activity may be possible, let’s keep remembering those most in need at this time – whether within our church family or beyond – and do what we can, in the love of God, to help them.    

With love in Christ,   CARL

Rev'd Carl Chambers

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