Support to Servicemen

St. Michaels aims to provide support to local servicemen and their families.

Most of us are used to seeing newsreel of our army in such places as Iraq, Afghanistan and, before then, in Northern Ireland. But few of us have the remotest concept of what it must be like to be engaged in modern day combat. Gone are the days when battles were fought during daylight hours. Nowadays warfare is a twenty-four-hour business.  The threat of action is ever present with mortar and roadside bomb attacks and ambush a constant possibility. For their families every day is a source of worry as loved ones wonder if the soldiers will return safe and unharmed.

Moreover, soldiers returning to Britain after an overseas tour also often need help. The psychological problems they face through their experiences are immense and adjustment to life at home can be difficult and painful.

Little wonder, therefore, that soldiers on active service or coming home, together with their families, need our prayers and support.  As Christians it is our duty to provide all the love, help and support we can and that is why we are launching this initiative.

We would like to hear from anyone in the parish who is either a soldier or who has a member of their family serving in the army overseas. We will pray for their safe deliverance and also for their family. We will write to the serviceman explaining what we are doing and at Christmas and birthdays will send them a card and a present. When they return to Britain, we will invite them and their family to a family service at St Michaels when we will include a time of thanksgiving.

If you would like us to support a serviceman or his family do get in touch with us.  You can contact us at the Church Office (07831027544). Alternatively, come along to St Michaels at any one of the Sunday services and mention the matter to a member of the ministry team.

On 23rd October 1642 just before the Battle of Edghill, Sir Jacob Astley, a cavalry commander in the Royalist Army prayed, ‘O Lord thou knowest how busy I must be this day: if I forget thee, do not forget me’. May we not forget our brave soldiers who risk their lives for their country every day.  May we demonstrate our remembrance by our love, our prayers and our support.