Who's who at St. Michael's  

Vicar                                                Revd. Richard Arding retired on 25th July 2018 and the
                                                   post is currently vacant.

Lay Readers

Eric Hookins,
Penny Culliford    

Licensed Lay Minister

Jean Hook


Keith Simons,
Derek Maidment

Deputy Churchwardens

Tony Guard,
Maureen Guard
Alec Cartwright


Tony Guard
Maureen Guard

Pastoral Assistant

Chris Hookins

Organist & Choirmaster

Alan Hunt

Youth Worker

Alex Principle

JaM Club

Richard Kinderman Jane Kinderman

Parish Administrator

Carole Chopourian  

Church Hall Manager

Church Office

PCC Treasurer

Clive Winton 

Gift Aid coordinator

Lesley Bate 

PCC Secretary

Carole Chopourian 

Envelope Giving Scheme Coordinator

Lesley Bate

House Group coordinator

Robert Vanderwindt 

Church Flowers

Maureen Guard 

Alpha Course Leader

Church Office

Church Archivist

Keith Simons