St Michael's Craft Group


Meeting dates March – July 2019

Tuesday meetings run from the end of Coffee Stop at 12 noon until 2pm

The evening meetings on a Thursday are from 8pm until 10pm

Both in the Parish Centre (glass doors LHS of the main church building)

(For further information contact the church office or email Helen Winton

Thursday 7th March

Thursday 11th April

Thursday 9th May

Tuesday 12th March

Tuesday 16th April

Tuesday 14th May

Thursday 21st March

Thursday 25th April

Thursday 23rd May

Tuesday 26th March

Tuesday 30th April

Tuesday 28th May



 Thursday 6th June

 Tuesday 2nd July


 Tuesday 11th June

 Thursday 11th July


 Thursday 20th June

 Tuesday 16th July


 Tuesday 25th June

 Thursday 25th July

The Craft Group at St. Michael's have been busy knitting and sent 2 blankets to Uganda with the charity High Hopes for Children. The picture shows the excited new owners of the blankets!


Blanket for Uganda

Several of St. Michael's members help the charity High Hopes for Children and more can be read of it's work at